Peta Leith

Pastry Chef • Author

Peta Leith is a pastry chef, restaurant consultant, and recipe developer. Her first cookery book, a collaboration with her aunt Prue Leith, was published in February 2020.

Peta began her culinary career interning at Cafe Maitreya (an award-winning vegetarian restaurant in Bristol) before going on to work for Claire Ptak at Violet Cakes, now rather well-known for having made the wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Following a year at Violet, she went to New York to study bread making at the French Culinary Institute, before taking up a position in the pastry section of the Ivy. Seven (very long) years later, she left to have her daughter, recognising that young children and restaurant kitchen hours are in no way compatible. Last year she began work on The Vegetarian Kitchen, a cookery book full of great family recipes, which aims to make vegetarian and vegan cookery easy, approachable, and above all delicious! She also works as a restaurant consultant, alongside three of her ex-Ivy colleagues.