Angela Lamont

Presenter • Facilitator • Writer • Broadcaster


Angela Lamont – “Making sense of science & engineering”

With over 200 BBC broadcast programmes, a BAFTA, A TEDx talk and literally hundreds of conferences, award ceremonies and live events, Angela specialises in presenting science, technology and engineering, making them engaging and easy to understand, but without ‘dumbing down’.
She has presented from BBC Television Centre, Buckingham Palace, the top of a volcano in Japan and from a fishing boat in a force 8 gale (whilst doing her own sound recording, as the sound man was out of action below decks).

Now also a science producer, topics she has covered recently include nuclear, wind and fusion energy, nanotechnology, cyber security and autonomous vehicles, to name just a few.

Angela thrives on making potentially complex subjects engaging and enjoyable, not only for her audiences but also to encourage young people into industries where they can change the world for the better.

Broadcast credits include:

BBC1 “It’ll Never Work?” (six years, sold worldwide).  BAFTA & RTS award winner.

BBC2 “The Physical World”

BBC Knowledge “Science Fix”

Channel 5 “Fragile Planet”

BBC Radio 4 “The Network” (six years)

BBC Radio 4 “Ground Control”

BBC Radio 4 “The Invention of Baby”

BBC Radio 4 “Science Now”

BBC World Service “Soundbyte”

BBC 5-Live “Eternal Youth”

BBC 5-Live “The Acid Test”

The Faraday Lecture

Studio capability

For many people, when they say “I can do this from home” they mean from a spare room or kitchen.  At Chaos Films, we’ve had a fully equipped soundproof studio for 10 years, including a permanent green screen wall, full lighting rig, choice of cameras and microphones…and the technical and personnel capability to host the entire virtual event or conference if required.

It gives me an amazing capability to go live from home, even during a full lockdown.  This is largely due to my partner being a Livestream guru, experienced camera operator, and sound engineer (and former studio manager), but it means that as far as clients go if their conference is virtual they don’t need to hire a studio for me as I have a 5m by 5m studio right here at home.

The studio is complete with lighting and a huge array of quality microphones.  The cameras range from ‘proper’ 4K Canons (100 and 200), to small mirrorless cameras, Livestream remote-control (or auto-tracking) cameras, and because my iPad is NDI enabled,  I can even broadcast from an outside location.

We have a green screen, various backdrops, a range of virtual studios (or the client can supply a high-quality photo of their choice) in-ear monitors for talkback, autocue in case I need to deliver long scripts at short notice…pretty much anything any client could want to make their virtual conference look fabulous, actually.  We can even do entire events from here with external contributors, play in video, etc.